St Andrews Public School

Children, First and Foremost

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School Profile

St Andrews Public School is situated in the Campbelltown area.

St Andrews Public School opened in 1978 and has established a high reputation within the community for its quality teaching programs and outstanding student outcomes.

At the present time it has:

  • An enrolment of 840 students
  • A diverse student population with approximately 42% of families from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • A class organisation that encourages acceleration and in class grouping of students to facilitate their learning
  • Focus teaching sessions for literacy and numeracy skills each day
  • An Opportunity class for Gifted and Talented students
  • Extensive technology throughout the school for all students

We have proven teachers with positive classrooms and focused individual learning. Our capable and experienced teachers:

  • encourage successful learning for your children
  • create positive classrooms where children are happy to come to school and enjoy learning
  • provide daily school sessions focussing on literacy and numeracy
  • deliver higher level teaching programs including Gifted and Talented, Thinking Skills and Cooperative Learning Programs for all children at classroom level
  • collaborative plan classroom programs, assessments and student reports to promote consistency and quality performance
  • support positive classrooms emphasising pastoral care programs, peer leadership, peer mentoring and positive discipline
  • identify individual learning needs that are catered for in the classroom with a range of specially developed school programs to promote and extend each child's learning.

We provide strong academic foundations focussed on successful, diverse programs. Our school provides:

  • small class sizes for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students
  • stimulate each student's thinking with open ended problem solving
  • integrated Technology with wireless internet access and individual laptop learning
  • technology skills taught weekly in a computer laboratory
  • library research and critical thinking skills
  • a commitment to academic success for all students to reach their potential
  • implementation of Quality Teaching strategies for all learning
  • Basic skills sessions are taught across the school each day

We promote strong student peer relationships reflecting respect and tolerance towards each other:


  • build positive relationships through involvement in peer support, buddy classes, anti-bullying and playground and social skills programs
  • participate in a Students Representative Council and student leadership programs
  • reflect a very diverse range of Non English Speaking Backgrounds
  • participate in a range of celebrations that respect the traditions of our Australian heritage

Parents and teachers preparing and supporting children together

At St Andrews we:

  • consult with parents to promote a positive relationship aiming to provide the best education for each child
  • support programs for children including transition from preschool to primary and primary to high school
  • implement cultural programs including dance, band, choir, sport, excursions, art and gifted and talented programs with parent support
  • utilise two Learning and Support Teachers and the acquisition of the latest resources for students with parent support
  • offer a workshop program in a range of priority areas to inform and consult with parents
  • actively seek parents' opinions to determine school directions

Students play in shady, native landscaped grounds.

Our school grounds reflect:

  • contributions by parents to the building of a Covered Outdoor Learning Area in the school grounds
  • cultivation of Australian natives and protected species in the gardens
  • play areas that are extensive and varied for students, surrounded by landscaped gardens
  • implementation of recycling, water and energy conservation strategies in environmental planning